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11 Korean-style short haircuts for women

Korea, which is famous for its beauty world, does not only stop at makeup trends and styles , but also hairstyles. It is undeniable, hairstyles from Korea can always attract many people as well as inspire, including short Korean -style haircuts which have long been a hair trend among women. 

Besides being able to make your face look fresher and more youthful, Korean women's short hairstyles are suitable for those of you who like to look practical, you know!

But make no mistake Bella. Many think that short hair does not need to be 'too' cared for. Even though you have short hair, it still needs to be cared for so that it stays healthy and doesn't get duck hair.

What is duck hair? Duck hair is a condition when the hair is damaged so that it cannot be fixed by cutting it. If you already have duck hair, Bela can overcome it by supplementing the nutrition your hair needs using a nourishing shampoo and conditioner like the PANTENE Gold Series.

PANTENE Gold Series shampoo and conditioner contains Pro-Vitamin Complex and Biotin which is equivalent to 45 sacks of spinach. With PANTENE Gold Series, No Duck Hair, Yes Inward Hair!

So, speaking of short Korean-style haircuts, is Bela looking for inspiration to change her hairstyle this year? Come on, follow the article to choose the style and style of short Korean women's hair that you like.

11 Korean-style short haircuts for women

1. Bob cut

For those of you who want to look adorable, you can try this short Korean female hairstyle . Short haircut 5 cm above the shoulder and add Korean-style thin bangs to give a fresher impression.

2. Messy short hair

Tired of looking cute ? You can also try one of the short Korean-style haircut models that can make you look cool. You can change your hair color at the same time and style it a bit random. So fabulous

3. Hair cut layers

The most frequently encountered Korean style short haircut is a short haircut with a touch of layers to give a stylish effect . This hairstyle is suitable for those of you who have full cheeks and can give a slender effect on your face.

4. Medium short hair

For those of you who want to appear with short Korean women's hairstyles but don't want to be too extreme, you can try this simpler haircut. Just cut your shoulder-length hair, give a touch of volume, and add side bangs, this hairstyle can make you look more mature.

5. Ultra small pony

Even though you have very short hair, that doesn't mean you can't have an ultra small pony like the one above. You can make the bangs straight and cover the eyebrows so they will frame the face better. This hairstyle will make you look sweeter and more elegant. 

6. Bob with an ombre

Bob hair is the right choice if you want to create a neat and sweet appearance. As above, you can combine a bob hairstyle with bangs with an ombre.

First, give your hair a dark base color, then add blonde to the ends. The combination of the two will make your hair look more voluminous.

 7. Korean Nations

Korean-style hair is very synonymous with bangs, like this short Korean bangs hairstyle . You can combine a short, classic, textured shoulder -length haircut with wispy Korean -style see-through bangs. 

8. Low half pony

Low half pony will be a short Korean-style haircut model that is right for oval face owners. This hairstyle has a straight character with a half ponytail. With these pigtails, the hair will look tidier. 

9. Clasic Bob

Having a simple and elegant impression, this classic bob hairstyle was very popular in the 90s. Layers of hair in the front frame the face so that your facial features will stand out more.

Meanwhile, the ends of her hair are wavy and spiky so that they appear textured and uneven. Classic bob will suit you who have short or medium hair.

10. Layered Bob

Layered bob is a short Korean-style haircut with volume and texture. Best suited for oval and oblong faces, this style will make facial features appear softer. Just like before, the layered bob also tends to be easy to style and doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

11. Bob with blunt bangs

Finally, this short Korean-style haircut model looks so perfect with blunt bangs or blunt bangs. As you can see, this model can make you look younger.

Especially with the addition of bright pink as above. However, avoid this style if you have a round face!

So, after you've seen various styles and short Korean-style hairstyles , do you already know which hairstyle you want to try?

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